Episode 3.8: Vermont Is for Lovers, Too

Josie’s campaign faces a potential crisis, so Olivia’s team attempt to manage it while also trying to get to the bottom of Operation Remington. Elsewhere, Cyrus fails to think of the collateral damage that could result from his plotting Sally’s downfall.

Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2013

Guest Cast
Lisa Kudrow: Josephine “Josie” Marcus
George Newbern: Charlie
Kate Burton: Vice President Sally Langston

- description from tvguide.com

Episode 3.7: Everything’s Coming Up Mellie


RING! It’s the Fitz Phone! Olivia tries to ignore it, but she can’t. She answers the call only to tell the president that she’s surrounded by murderers. Fitz says he loves her. Olivia replies, “So what?” She’s incredibly hurt. Fitz wants her to stop digging into Remington. He wants her to stay away from Jake. That’s not going to happen. Olivia rallies the troops. She says they have a new client. Abby says the picture on the big board looks familiar. That’s probably because the woman in the photo is Olivia’s deceased mother.

Olivia gives everyone all the details on her father. She wants to know if her mother’s death was collateral damage or intentional. Everyone offers their full support. They learn the identity of the pilot who was ordered to shoot down the plane. Up on the big board goes a photo of the President of the United States. The team learns that Fitz’s father is the person who headed up the investigation into the crash. Abby relays this information to Olivia. Then she warns her that she’s going to hug her. Remarkably, Liv doesn’t pull away. Later, Harrison and Abby learn that a federal marshal took a passenger off the plane that Olivia’s mom was on just before takeoff. The guy’s name was Omar Dresden. His family believes he died in the crash.

Mellie has a camera crew in the White House’s East Wing to show what goes on in the world of the First Lady. She’s playing up to the press big time, being a bubbly as can be. It’s part of plan to restore her public image. 15 years ago in Santa Barbara, California, Fitz and Mellie are young and in love. It’s inside Jerry Grant’s mansion where they first meet Cyrus Beene, who has a strategy to win the governor’s office. The plan is to play up his candidate as a war hero. That doesn’t work for Fitz. Running on his military experience is off limits.

Big Jerry lets his son know that he had no business signing up for Black Ops mission. He recalls how he had to clean up the mess Fitz made when he shot down that plane. That means he owns him. That means he’ll do what he’s told. The father-son bickering drives Cyrus away. Before he goes, he gives Mellie some advice. She says Fitz is her fulltime job from here on out. So Mellie goes to work. Big Jerry tells her that her husband shot down a passenger jet because there was intelligence that there was a dirty bomb onboard. It’s jarring news. Then something truly disturbing occurs. Big Jerry forces himself on Mellie. He rapes her.

In present day, Cyrus and Mellie conspire to find a call girl to seduce Daniel Douglas. Elsewhere, Fitz threatens Rowan with exposure if he harms Olivia. When he gets back to the White House, Mellie is waiting for him. She wishes he knew what she gave up for him. She at least wants him to show up for her, to at least be her friend. We flashback to the night Mellie was raped. She never let on to Fitz. She used the incident to force Big Jerry to tell his son what he needs to hear. Fitz is soon back on track and running for governor. Mellie lets him know that she’s pregnant. Fitz is overjoyed. Mellie is as well until she realizes who the father could be.

In the present day, Fitz shows up to support Mellie in the last part of her interview project. The reporter lays out just how unpopular the First Lady is amongst the American people. What can be said about the way she aired her marital dirty laundry to the world? The President has the answer to that one. He chastises the reporter for attacking his wife. Anyone who does that has to go through him first. He lets everyone know that he’s the one who made the mistake. He apologized and is moving on. They are both moving on. All they can do is ask the American people to do the same.

Quinn is spending lots of time at the gun range with Charlie, who is doing work as a private detective. She tries to get back intoHuck’s good graces, but he’s still giving her the deep freeze. Charlie catches Quinn spying on him while he’s spying on someone else. He backs her against a wall and plants a kiss on her. Charlie tells a breathless Quinn to give him a call if she wants to hang out. He ends up giving her the job of knocking out a security guard. What Quinn doesn’t know is that the injection she gives the guy is lethal. She tries to save him but it’s too late. The guard is dead. Quinn flees the scene with blood on her hands.

At a White House event, Fitz lets Mellie know that he wasn’t acting when he fought for her with the reporter. He meant every word. In another part of the room, Cyrus watches with interest as the call girl he found makes her move on Daniel Douglas. James interrupts to let him know that he’s been fired from his job. The bad news continues when the call girl strikes out with Daniel Douglas. As it turns out, she’s not his type. James, on the other hand, is. This has Cyrus and Mellie considering an entirely different approach to their problem.

The team gets info on Omar Dresden, the mystery plane passenger. Olivia knows that if they find him then they find the truth. While following a lead to finding Omar, Jake shows up at the office building where Quinn killed the security guard. Cops are everywhere. He sees the dead guard in the lobby. Not too far away, a panicked Quinn is desperately trying to contact Huck when Charlie shows up. He has video of her killing the guard. Charlie says, “Welcome to Wonderland.”

Olivia believes her father must be behind the death of the security guard. At the White House, Fitz is also trying to find answers on Olivia’s mom. He sees a photo of Rowan. He now knows he’s Liv’s father. Speaking of Rowan/Eli Pope, he makes his way into a high security lockup facility. He’s there to see Omar Dresden. He takes a seat inside the cell. Rowan/Eli says, “Our daughter’s been asking about you.” The prisoner arises from under some bed sheets. It’s Olivia’s mother. It’s Maya Pope.

Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2013

Guest Cast
Kate Burton: Vice President Sally Langston

- description from ABC.com

Episode 3.6: Icarus


Olivia recalls the day her mother left for a plane trip overseas. She had no idea it would be the last time she would ever see her.Jake and Huck keep Liv’s fellow gladiators at bay as she tries to process the information they recently shared with her. There are likely only two people who know for sure whether or not her mother’s plane was intentionally brought down in a crash that killed hundreds. One of those people is her father, who tends to kill people once too many questions start being asked. The other is a former Navy pilot. So, Olivia heads off to the White House. She has questions for the President of the United States.

Mellie, Cyrus and Fitz think Olivia is there to accept the job to help them win the next election. That’s not the case at all. Liv requests some private time with Fitz. She flat-out asks him if he flew air support for Operation Remington or was he somewhere else. Fitz doesn’t know what she’s talking about. At least, that’s what he has to say as Commander-in-Chief. Olivia stares at him for a long beat before telling the president that she can’t work for him. Fitz later tells Cyrus that she knows about Remington.

Olivia lets the team know they are taking Congresswoman Josie Marcus on as a client. Everyone is pleasantly surprised. They need to go after big money supporters to start a national ad campaign. Josie is impressive when she meets all the fat cats, but none of them think she can actually win. She has an image problem. Olivia sets up an interview with James. After hours, she gets drunk on wine and calls her dad. Rowan will answer one question for her. He says he didn’t give the order to shoot down her mother’s plane. He also says that he loved his wife.

Olivia asks Jake to get more proof on the president’s involvement in her mother’s death. She wants him to be careful. After all, he’s going after the most powerful man on the planet. What could go wrong? Rowan could go after him, that’s what. He’ll take care of Jake while he orders Cyrus to deal with Josie Marcus. A scary looking fellow happens to be in the diner where Jake asks an old acquaintance to get the cockpit recording from the flight that went down. As for Cyrus, he makes a not-so-subtle threat toHarrison mentioning someone named Adnan Salif in order to get him to convince Liv to drop Josie pronto.

Olivia thinks Josie is too nice. She wants her to show her claws. Those claws come out in the form of a temper when she yells at Liv for trying to make her into something she’s not. In other news, Cyrus wants James to ask Josie Marcus about the baby she gave away during his big interview with her. That may or may not be on his agenda. Just before the big sit-down, Olivia shows a demeaning ad that’s being put out by the Reston camp. Josie is visibly shaken moments before she goes on the air. Then it’s show time!

James kicks off the interview by offering a few pleasantries. Josie offers none back. She’s ticked because of how people like Governor Reston, as well as James and his producers, treat her in such a subtly sexist way. Josie goes off on a Cyrus Beene-worthy rant that has Candy cringing, but Olivia and Abby soaking it all in. James can’t get a word in edgewise. After the interview, all those fat cats change their tune. The money starts rolling in. Candy realizes the video Olivia and Abby showed her sister/mother was a fake. It was used to motivate Josie. She wonders if there’s any line they won’t cross.

Leo Bergen wonders if Sally Langston’s main man, Daniel Douglas will be an asset or a liability during the vice president’s plan to build voter support before she resigns. She’ll quietly make her case for a Langston ticket for the presidency under the guise of doing her current job. Cyrus takes the bait. Sally is invited to dinner at the White House. Sally is not pleased to see Daniel flirting with Mellie. Later, she meets with a powerful preacher to ask for his support as she runs for president. As it turns out, the guy was a plant by Cyrus, who was hip to Sally’s game all along. Mellie suggests they use Daniel Douglas’s wandering eye to their advantage.

Quinn takes her new gun out for a test drive. She gets some tips from an unexpected visitor at the shooting range in Charlie. Moments later, she’s nailing the target like a pro. Quinn later asks Huck if anyone gets out of B-613 is normal. She doesn’t get an answer. She goes back to Charlie for more shooting tips. This is all part of Rowan’s plan. In other news, Harrison asks Huck for a favor. He needs for him to make it so Adnan Salif cannot get back into the country. If that were to happen, Harrison says he would be a dead man.

When Jake gets word that his friend has the information he requested, he meets her at an isolated area. The scary-looking man from the diner lurks in the shadows. He approaches with gun in hand as the exchange of information takes place. Scary guy shoots. The woman is dead. Jake is ordered to check her bag. There’s a loaded gun inside. Scary guy says, “You’re welcome.” Jake learns that Fitz put a security detail on him when he found out that B-613 wants him dead. He wants to know about the mission. Fitz can’t help him anymore. Jake is on his own.

Harrison meets with Cyrus to let him know that he can’t do what’s being asked of him. He won’t go against Olivia, especially since it’s been so long since she’s been inspired. He takes the pen that was offered to him as a souvenir from this White House visit. After he leaves, Cyrus puts the wheels in motion to get Adnan Salif a brand new visa.

Fitz shows up at Olivia’s place to let her know that she could come on the campaign trail with him. He says there’s nothing she could do that he wouldn’t forgive. He wonders why she can’t do the same for him. Olivia wants him to answer her questions from before. She tells him about the passenger plane that went down. She tells him her mother was on the flight. Fitz says, once again, that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Olivia lets him know she was 12 when her mom died as she shows him the front door.

Original Air Date: Nov 7, 2013

Guest Cast
Lisa Kudrow: Josephine “Josie” Marcus

- description from ABC.com

Episode 3.5: More Cattle, Less Bull


Olivia shares an uncomfortable dinner with her dad. The subject of her mother comes up. Rowan finds this surprising since he believes that everything she’s become in life is because of him. Olivia argues that it’s all “in spite” of him. Rowan lets his daughter know that as long as her friends leave him alone, he’ll leave them alone. That’s not going to happen. Huck talks Jakethrough downloading some secret files. He narrowly escapes notice when Rowan comes home after his dinner with Olivia.

Leo Bergen (guest star Paul Adelstein of Private Practice fame) is one of the top strategists in town. Cyrus and Mellie want him to run the president’s reelection campaign. Sounds like a great gig. Too bad Leo doesn’t want the job. He doesn’t do losers. That’s how the president looks to him. He doesn’t think Fitz’s heart is in the job. He’s going to lose come election time. Leo thanks Cyrus and Mellie for the offer before heading off to another meeting with Congresswoman Josie Marcus (guest star Lisa Kudrow). He has no idea that his services will no longer be needed. This is because Josie has already found her new campaign manager in Olivia Pope.

Josie tells Olivia about the baby she had back in Montana when she was 15 years old. Her mother helped her keep things a secret until she could put the child up for adoption. Not even her little sister, Candace, knows about this. But there are about six people in her small Montana hometown who do. They may talk as her political star rises. Josie believes her now-grown daughter deserves her privacy. No one can ever know about it. That’s the congresswoman’s problem. She orders Olivia to go ahead and fix it. A short time later, Harrison, Abby, Huck and Quinn are checking in to a not-so-luxurious suite in Red Springs, Montana.

Huck is freezing Quinn out of his daily hacker/spy activities. It’s partly because he’s ticked, but also because he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s in cahoots with Jake as they investigate Command, aka Liv’s dad. Huck taps into a surveillance video featuring Fitz and Rowan. The topic of conversation is Operation Remington. Jake believes Command is on to them when some men in dark suits shuffle him into a dark car. Turns out it’s the president who wants to see him on the basketball court for a very physical one-on-one game. Fitz thinks their only issues are about Olivia. Jake assures him there’s another problem.

Olivia nervously waits for the Fitz Phone to ring. The annual Correspondents’ Dinner is coming up. David invites Abby to the shindig. Olivia is also on the guest list for this event for which she typically vets the president’s jokes. RING! To the Fitz Phone! Actually, to the regular phone! Cyrus is calling to ask Olivia to dig up dirt on Congresswoman Josie Marcus. He reveals that he has a guy in Montana already. Olivia relays this info to her team, as they work to shut down all loose ends. They swing a deal with Josie’s baby daddy moments before a local news team arrives. Cyrus’s man in Montana, Ethan, declares that they’ve been Pope’d!

Fitz wants Rowan to lay off Jake Ballard. The two men exchange threats. Cyrus lets the president know there’s no way to get rid of B-613. It’s out of their control. Jake lets Huck know that Fitz wasn’t flying cover on that secret mission in Iran. The president is hiding something. Huck talks Jake through a computer search at the office. Olivia surprises him, but doesn’t suspect anything is up. She has other things on her mind like the Correspondents Dinner. The Fitz Phone isn’t ringing though. So, Olivia tosses it in the trash.

Cyrus leaks Josie’s baby secret to Governor Reston just before the debates. Harrison and Abby learn that the infant stayed right there in Red Springs. Josie’s mom raised the baby, Candace, as the Congresswoman’s sister, not her daughter. Olivia wants Josie to address the issue head-on. That’s still not an option as far as she’s concerned. Olivia knows Reston is going to ambush Josie so she gives her advice on how to handle it. Much to everyone’s surprise, the congresswoman takes it. Her explanation as to why she did what she did is perfect. It devastates Candace though which is why Josie fires Olivia.

Olivia sits alone in her office drinking wine. RING! It’s the Fitz Phone. She stares at it in the trashcan before eventually digging it out. Olivia and Fitz chat. It’s just like old times. Liv gives advice on how to handle things at the big dinner. Fitz tells her that he loves her. The conversation shifts back to the dinner. Mellie overhears her husband talking. He’s actually having fun. He’s actually happy.

David catches Abby lying to him about missing the Correspondents’ Dinner. He heads off to the event stag. Huck is glad Jake is Olivia’s date. He thinks she needs this night. Sally Langston, on the other hand, needs Leo Bergen if she’s to run for president as a third party candidate. That’s why she corner’s him in the men’s room to propose this hypothetical situation. Out at the dinner, Secret Service indicates to Olivia that her presence is requested elsewhere. Jake tells her to go. Much to Olivia’s surprise, it’s Mellie who is calling. She wants Liv to work the reelection campaign. She knows in her heart Fitz needs her.

Abby shows up at David’s place in a beautiful dress. She wanted to surprise him, but couldn’t get out of the car. Her ex-husband, the man who used to abuse her, was on the guest list at the dinner. David wants Abby to start telling him things. Speaking of expressing one’s thoughts, Jake lets Olivia know that he’s done with her. He doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone. Not even the president. Before Olivia can react, she gets a call from Harrison. Josie Marcus wants to rehire her. That offer is rejected. Harrison wonders what Liv is doing. She doesn’t answer. She exits the office right past Quinn, who is admiring the gun she bought in Montana.

Huck surprises Jake at his place. He has info as to why Fitz lied about being in Iran during Operation Remington when, in reality, he was in Iceland. There was a plane crash that day involving a jet with 329 passengers onboard. It was deemed an accident, but Huck believes Fitz shot it down on behalf of the U.S. government. He doesn’t know why. He believes this is all part of a conspiracy because of one of the names on the passenger list. It’s Mia Lewis, a woman who never took her husband’s name. Her married name would have been Pope. She was Olivia’s mom.

Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2013

Guest Cast
Kate Burton: Vice President Sally Langston
Michael Mahon: Billy Joe Lee
Sally Pressman: Candace Marcus
Lisa Kudrow: Josephine “Josie” Marcus
Tom Amandes: Gov. Samuel Reston
Brian Letscher: Tom
Paul Adelstein: Leo Bergen
Jack Coleman: Daniel Douglas Langston
Erin Chambers: Mara
Stoney Westmoreland: Hal Rimbeau
Sarah Benoit: Doris
Joe Morton: Rowan

- description from ABC.com

Episode 3.4: Say Hello to My Little Friend


Olivia boots Jake out of her apartment. She’s looking to put everything that’s happened behind her. She’s resigned herself to going back to being a good girl for her father, Sunday dinners and all. Olivia also needs money for her firm. They need a client which is why Harrison does a little happy dance once they finally land one. Abby gives the breakdown on the case. She says, “Senator Richard Meyers. By day, he represents the great state of Washington in our nation’s highest legislative body. By night, he’s a perving sexting pervy perv who uses the handle “Redwood Johnson.” He’s accused of murdering a woman in cold blood.

The senator admits that he tried to get back the photos he sent, but he didn’t kill anyone. His wife, Shelley, will testify that he was home with her during the murder. She insists her husband made one mistake. She doesn’t want to see him destroyed because of it. Olivia agrees that everyone deserves a second chance. She lets the press know that her client texted just one girl. He made one mistake. David Rosen proves in court that this isn’t exactly true. The senator sent lots of inappropriate texts to lots of other ladies. Olivia counters this problem by making it look like the victim was chummy with lots and lots of men.

Olivia’s strategy of attacking the victim works until news breaks that the senator sent yet another text during the trial. The guy can’t help himself. His supportive wife, Shelley, is supportive no more. Olivia tracks her down at a hotel. She encourages the scorned woman to tell the truth on the witness stand. So Shelley does. She tells the world that she hates her husband, but she also swears he didn’t kill that woman.

As the jury deliberates, the senator tells Olivia that Shelley lied about being his alibi. He still maintains that he’s not a killer, but he was alone when the murder occurred. Olivia realizes that his wife is the real killer. Shelley thought the victim was the only one her husband sexted at the time. She thought she could make it all go away if she got rid of her. As it turns out, Shelley lied to give herself an alibi. She says, “Well, like you said, Olivia, we all deserve a second chance.”

Fitz is visibly upset when he reads in the newspaper that a local Navy pilot named Peter Foster was found dead. Tom gives him a rundown on the deceased man’s life. He’s survived by a sister who doesn’t have the money for a proper funeral. That’s why the woman is surprised to learn that her brother is being buried at Arlington with full military honors. This came about thanks to an unexpected guest at the service. Pete Foster’s sister is stunned when the President of the United States steps up to stand by her side. They pay tribute to her brother, who was, in Fitz’s words, an American hero. Another uninvited guest, Huck, watches the service from afar.

Huck is angry that Quinn followed him to an AA meeting where he talks about drinking whiskey which is his way of saying he killed again. Quinn wants him to talk about it with her. That’s not going to happen. Jake wants Huck to talk about it, too. He wants to try to take down Command. Huck’s not interested. When Cyrus learns what his boss has been up to at Arlington, he meets with Rowan. Jake is also there secretly recording their conversation. He only gets it in bits and pieces. Jake brings the tape to Olivia, but she’s not interested in hearing it. Huck is though. He joins forces with Jake to convince Olivia to listen to what they have to say.

Pete Foster had a Navy tattoo on his body with the flight plan numbers for a secret mission known as Operation Remington. It occurred during a rescue on Iranian soil during the first Gulf War. Jake was on that mission. He was on the ground with four other men. There was one pilot in the air, but it wasn’t Pete Foster. It was Fitz. Someone wanted to make sure no one ever learned that Foster wasn’t the one giving air support. Cyrus lets the president know that he can’t keep digging things up that should remain buried.

Senator Josephine Marcus (guest star Lisa Kudrow) of Montana is a democratic candidate for president. Mellie is asked about her during a press event. She says all the right things while the cameras are on, but badmouths the senator once she leaves the room. Too bad a hot microphone catches her caustic comments which leads to Senator Marcus being thrust into the spotlight.

Cyrus sends White House aide Ethan to Montana to dig up dirt on this new potential threat. Fitz tries to comfort Mellie regarding all that’s gone down by holding her hand. The First Lady is unsure of what to make of this. She yanks her hand away and storms off. As for Senator Marcus, Ethan learns she may have abandoned a baby as a teen. He also picked up some slick cowboy boots while he was in Montana.

In random news, David is done waiting for an answer from Abby as to whether or not she’s in or out. The wait is over when Abby shows up at his apartment. Huck goes off on Quinn for continually asking him to talk to her under the guise of being worried. He believes she’s only “interested” in the killing part. Jake comforts Olivia about their problems. He also kisses her right up until the time the “Fitz Phone” rings. The president wants to chat, but he hangs up when he realizes Liv has company. Fitz has somewhere to be anyway. He storms into an office for a reunion that was long overdue. Fitz stands face to face with Rowan. They need to talk.

Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2013

Guest Cast
Stoney Westmoreland: Hal Rimbeau
Patrick St. Esprit: Peter Foster
Michael B. Silver: Gavin Mitchell
Patrick Fabian: Senator Richard Meyers
Melora Hardin: Shelley Meyers
Joe Morton: Rowan
Peter Holden: William Granville
Dan Bucatinsky: James Novak
Brian Letscher: Tom
Lisa Kudrow: Josephine “Josie” Marcus

- description from ABC.com

Episode 3.3: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington


Olivia watches as a beaten, bruised, bearded but not broken Jake recuperates in her bed. She refuses a call from the president who wants to discuss how Jake got there. Liv only wants to talk to Huck, but he still needs time away from her after learning that her father was Command. She has no idea that he’s using that time to trail Rowan, aka Eli Pope. Olivia returns to work to discover the team has taken on a new client. Her name is Mary Nesbitt. She forks over a $25,000 retainer for Pope and Associates to manage a private family matter. Mary doesn’t have time to go over the details because she has a meeting on Capitol Hill.

The team learns that Mary Nesbitt’s son is Chris Lawrence, a young man who was killed in an FBI raid 15 months ago. The apartment he was living in was linked to an alleged terrorist cell. Olivia makes her way to the U.S. Capitol where people are fleeing down the halls. The work area she enters is empty. No one is at their desks. Olivia opens the door to the main office which is home to Congressman Jim Struthers. He’s inside along with several other frightened members of his staff. Mary Nesbitt is there, too. When she turns around, Olivia can see that she wearing a vest filled with explosives. Mary’s finger is inches away from pressing a trigger.

The Secret Service springs into action when an intruder tries to make his way into the Oval Office. The man claims he needs to talk to the president about Operation Remington. The president is put in a safe room until it can be determined this wasn’t a coordinated attack with what’s happening at the Capitol where Mary wants to know why exactly her son was killed. Olivia sees how distraught this woman is. She’s been told her son was a terrorist. Mary knows in her gut this isn’t true. She went to see Olivia because she always trusts her gut, too. As for the White House intruder, Cyrus orders him to be released once he learns the man’s identity.

Olivia speaks with FBI hostage negotiator Randolph Boles. If Chris Lawrence’s government file isn’t declassified ASAP, they will all be blown up. Olivia’s team springs into action to sort this out. Liv convinces Mary to release most of the hostages. Only she and the congressman remain behind. Mary lets them know that she made her explosives by following a recipe she got on the Internet. The president is shown the Chris Lawrence file. He gives the sniper team the go-ahead to take out the suspect. Olivia knows they are coming in. She steps in front of the window to let the world see her. Fitz gives the order for everyone to stand down.

The president gets a phone call. He thinks it’s Olivia. It’s not. Jake lets Fitz know that Olivia needs the Chris Lawrence file. That’s not going to happen. A worried Jake wants Liv to get out of there. Harrison does, too. That’s because an FBI agent shows him a video proving that Chris Lawrence was a terrorist recruiter. Of course, the woman who showed him the clip isn’t really FBI. Olivia asks for help from David Rosen, who is surprisingly efficient when it comes to holding his own when trading threats with Cyrus Beene. He actually gets access to the Chris Lawrence file.

RING! Olivia picks up the congressman’s phone to hear that the President of the United States is on the line. He’s in the room with Cyrus, David and the head of counterintelligence. Fitz asks Olivia to not react as he reveals that Chris Lawrence was a CIA spy who was posing as a terrorist recruiter to infiltrate their cells. He was killed by an FBI agent who didn’t know he was working undercover. Chris Lawrence wasn’t a traitor. He was an American hero. Unfortunately, his mother can never know this. If the truth is ever revealed, 57 other agents who are still undercover will be tortured until they die.

Olivia must decide if she will protect those brave patriots or let one heartbroken mother know that her gut was right about her son. It’s an impossible choice. Olivia lies. She says that Chris Lawrence is a terrorist. Mary breaks down. She’s devastated. Once Olivia and the congressman step out of the room, Mary barricades herself inside. BOOM! An explosion rocks the area. Fitz wants to know what happened. He wants an immediate update. Once the smoke clears, he’s told that all of the hostages are safe. Mary Nesbitt, however, is now with her son.

Fitz and Mellie are reluctant to be trapped with each other at Camp David to show the American people how committed they are to each other as a family. Cyrus almost bursts into a full-on rant when he declares they WILL be doing this, but stops short of completely blowing a gasket. Fitz believes Mellie would have been happy if Olivia had been blown to bits. That’s not the case at all. She’d much rather have her alive because she’s her husband’s flaw. Olivia is the one thing she can use to pull Fitz’s strings to make him dance.

Huck follows Rowan down a city street with a gun in his hand. He looks as though he’s going to take him out until his target gets a phone call. It’s Cyrus. He lets Rowan know they have a Remington problem. Huck continues his surveillance. Rowan makes his way into the trailer of Peter Foster, aka the White House intruder. He wants the guy to adhere to the deal they had regarding keeping Remington under wraps. When Rowan leaves, Huck is waiting for him with a gun pointed at his head.

Olivia learns from Quinn that Huck is obsessed with her dad. She is startled to find him sitting alone in her office. She wants to know if he killed her father. He didn’t. Huck reveals that Rowan knew he was following him. He left him a present inside the trailer in the form of shackled Peter Foster. Huck proceeds to kill the guy while making it look like a suicide. He lets Olivia know that even after all this time her father still controls him. He owns him. Huck breaks down in Olivia’s arms.

Olivia returns home to find a clean-shaven Jake waiting for him. Gettysburgers are on the menu for dinner. Apparently, they deliver. Olivia doesn’t want to think about food right now. She wants to know how Jake is here. They don’t just let people like him out. Jake has no idea how he’s here. The only thing he does know is that picturing Olivia’s face is what kept him going in that hole. He’s here because she saved him. The two of them realize that Rowan still owns them as evidenced by the fact that he keeps repeatedly calling Olivia’s phone.

Original Air Date: Oct 17, 2013

Guest Cast
Mark Moses: Congressman Jim Struthers
Patrick St. Esprit: Peter Foster
Sharmila Devar: Lauren
Cynthia Stevenson: Mary Nesbitt
Joe Morton: Rowan Pope
Ernie Hudson: Commander Randolph Boles
Brian Letscher: Tom
Aarti Mann: Agent Laura Kenney

- description from ABC.com

Episode 3.2: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner


We jump back four years to a time when Olivia Pope had dinner with her dad every Sunday. She’d bring a then-homeless Huck a doggie bag. Every Sunday. Olivia is only at the restaurant as part of a deal she made with her father so he’ll pay off her law school loans. The man we know as Rowan tries to apologize for his past mistakes. Olivia decides to try, too. She mentions she has a boyfriend. It’s Edison. As for Rowan, he rambles about his boring work at the Smithsonian. After dinner, Olivia is attacked at the train station. A nearby Huck springs into action to save her. This was the first time Olivia would see just how lethal he could be.

In the present day, Fitz places a call to Olivia. He knows they can’t come clean about their relationship now. He also mentions a recent trip where he shot hoops with the Dalai Lama, who reportedly has a sweet jump shot. Fitz tells Olivia this story because, when something happens, she’s the only one he wants to share it with. He knows that Jeannine Locke is an innocent kid. He also knows that Olivia is going to attack the White House to prove this. That’s fine with him. “Bring it,” Fitz says. Game on!

“Doom. Gloom. Fate of the Republic. I get it.” This is how Cyrus answers a call from the ever-cheery Rowan, who wants to know why the White House hasn’t made a statement about Jeannine. It may have something to do with the fact that Cy can’t find her. That’s because she’s on TV next to Olivia as they give a press conference. Cyrus and Mellie want Fitz to grow some “presidential-size balls” to confirm that he slept with Jeannine Locke. That’s not going to happen. So Mellie has Cyrus leak a document detailing all the days she was out of town and Jeannine was hanging around the Oval Office late at night. The press connects the manufactured dots.

Four years ago, Huck told Olivia how he worked for the secret CIA offshoot B-613. It was run by a man called Command in a place code-named Wonderland. Huck was put in a hole for a very long time. He now lives at the train station where he craves a cheeseburger. Perhaps Olivia can bring him one after dinner with her dad, who introduces her to fine wine. No sign of popcorn though. Olivia mentions B-613. Daughter doesn’t see dad’s internal alarm go off. A short time later, Huck is MIA. He’s been arrested and labeled as a schizophrenic. At least that’s what Liv thinks until her first-ever meeting with David Rosen reveals that’s a lie.

Olivia’s fellow gladiators are surprised to meet her dad when he shows up at the office. Rowan is happy to see them all, Huck included. He lets Olivia know that he needs America to believe that it was Jeannine Locke who had an affair with the president if she ever wants to see Jake Ballard again. The two of them smile and laugh to mask the venom of their conversation from the others. Rowan, smiling ear-to-ear, suggests she have a chat with Huck if she truly wants to know what happened to Jake. The story isn’t pretty. Olivia knows Jake’s fate is looking grim. She makes a call to the one person she thinks can help: The President of the United States.

Four years ago, Olivia checked out the front that was used to cover up the work of B-613. It was the Acme Limited Paper Company located on Wonderland Avenue. Olivia knows the name. It’s on a pen her dad gave to her. She demands to know what he really does for a living. She wants to know if he works in Wonderland. Rowan explains that his daughter never wants to know him the way he truly is because that would ruin their Sunday dinners. A short time later, Olivia introduces Rowan to her fiancé, Edison. He’s a senator who will make sure spies get treated right. This is Olivia’s way of telling her dad that she wants Huck back. Rowan obliges, but also infers that he was behind a car accident that injured Edison.

Abby convinces Jeannine’s White House pal to help them obtain instant messages that prove she was never alone with the president. A press conference is in the works. Jeannine breaks down as her life spins out of control. Olivia promises to get her through this. As short time later, Jeannine gets a call from an unexpected person: the First Lady. Mellie wants to talk about her future. Their chat takes place while Olivia is out at the morgue. She heads down there anytime they bring in a body that matches Jake’s look and build. When the day of the press conference arrives, Olivia learns that Jeannine told her coworker to destroy the instant messages. Uh oh.

Fitz lets Cyrus know that he wants B-613 to release Jake. That’s not possible. B-613 doesn’t exactly work for the president. Olivia realizes Jeanine is going to lie and say she had the affair. She wants to know who got her. She calls Fitz, who reveals that Jake is alive. Olivia screams, “You bring him back!” She knows that if she saves Jeannine then Jake dies. If she lets Jeanine burn, Jake lives. She tells Rowan that she’ll put Sunday dinners back on the table if he saves Jake’s life. Dad says he’ll take this under consideration.

Jeannine Locke was promised two million tax-free dollars to lie about the affair. She figures she may as well make a profit from all this. Olivia pleads with her to not do what she’s about to do. Her plea becomes irrelevant. Their live TV moment is preempted. Fitz is on TV making a statement. He tells the world that he had an affair with Jeannine, whose press conference is abruptly canceled. Fitz later tells Sally Langston he “had Jeannine Locke six ways to Sunday all over this White House.” As for Jeannine, at least she’ll be able to get a book deal out of all this.

Quinn has been hacking Olivia’s email because, well, she can. She finds one that seems to talk about Huck. It was all about how he helped her that night in Union Station. Huck puts two and two together. He corners Olivia in the parking structure violently wanting to know if her father is B-613. He wants to know if her father is Command. The answer to both questions is yes. Huck silently walks away. Later, Olivia receives a call from Rowan telling her to open her front door. She’s stunned to see a beaten and bloodied Jake on the other side. As for dear old dad, he expects his daughter to be at his house for dinner Sunday night. He’ll choose the wine.

Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2013

Guest Cast
Kate Burton: Vice President Sally Langston
Norm Lewis: Senator Edison Davis
Brian Letscher: Tom
Steven W. Bailey: Coroner Noah Elliot
Sharmila Devar: Lauren
Joe Morton: Rowan Pope

- description from ABC.com

Episode 3.1: It’s Handled


When we last left Olivia Pope, she was off on a leisurely drive with dear old dad. 22 minutes pass before she finally addresses the high-ranking, ever-scary government insider we’ve come to know as Rowan. She wants to know why he tried to have her killed. Rowan assures that he only tried to have Jake Ballard killed, not his little girl. Still, Father of the Year honors are probably off the table. Rowan gives Olivia a harsh verbal smackdown before shuffling her onto a plane so she can disappear. A preflight plea from Cyrus to not run has her canceling her trip. Needless to say, daddy isn’t pleased.

Huck shuffles Olivia into the office while protecting her from the throngs of press people trying to score a snapshot. The phone has been ringing off the hook all morning with press and clients looking to fire the firm. The big boss can’t stop the bleeding, soHarrison rallies the troops behind her back. Olivia sneaks away in the middle of the night to meet with her father. She wants to know Jake’s whereabouts. The only thing Rowan will tell her is that he refused an order, and no one refuses an order in his business. Rowan warns Olivia that she’s running out options. His daughter assures him that she is never out of options.

Cyrus presses James for info on how the media got wind of the affair. Mellie is also on the hunt for the source of the leak. Both learn that a reporter got wind of the news at a bar where the Secret Service drinks. Hal blabbed about the affair, but swears he didn’t give up a name. A video is leaked showing Fitz exiting into the back alley behind Olivia’s apartment. Cyrus begins damage control by ordering communications aide Jeannine Locke to dig up dirt on Olivia. He learns that his old friend never lived in her family home again after her mother’s death. As for Olivia, she accesses a secret cell phone. Her password is “Providence.” A short time later, she’s in a top secret meeting room standing across from the President of the United States.

Fitz admonishes Olivia for using the Providence key. It was supposed to be for extreme emergencies. Liv feels this qualifies. That’s why she needs Mellie to join the discussion on how to handle their current situation. Before they proceed, Olivia asks the first lady to refrain from referring to her as a whore. Fair enough. Fitz suggests that they tell the truth. Olivia agrees, but it can’t be the whole truth. They’ll say they slept together twice. It’s a number Mellie can live with. They were together on inauguration night and once again after the assassination attempt. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. Once Mellie leaves, Fitz tries to comfort Olivia with a hug. As usual, she finds it impossible to resist his embrace. She leaves the meeting in tears.

Sally Langston initially balks at the request that she be the one to take on all the president’s public appearances in the midst of this latest scandal. She’s surprised when Fitz admits to having an affair. The president then asks her to help him buy some time before he comes clean to the world. The vice president agrees to help. Sally is happy to hear that Mellie will be standing by Fitz’s side during the forthcoming presser. She also reveals the challenges she faces in her own marriage. Fitz advises her to take advantage of his upcoming speech to rise up as the moral center of their party. That’s something she can do.

Mellie isn’t truly onboard with the strategy that was laid out during the secret meeting. She lets Cyrus know she has her own plan, but they’ll need outside help. A short time later, Harrison, Abby, Quinn and Huck recommit to being gladiators before delivering a DVD to Cyrus. It contains old video footage of a tipsy Jeannine Locke referring to Fitz as “freakin’ hot.” As spot-on as her assessment of the leader of the free world may be, it doesn’t mean she had an affair with the guy, right? Wrong. The press now believes that Jeannine Locke is the president’s mistress, not Olivia Pope. Cyrus assures the blindsided aide that the White House has her back. Yeah, right.

A furious Olivia knows her fellow gladiators are involved in the unsubstantiated takedown of Jeannine Locke. A furious Fitz knows Cyrus is behind it, too. He’s shocked to learn that his loving wife is truly the one who has been pulling all the strings. She leaked Jeannine’s name after she figured out her hubby is the one who leaked Olivia’s name. It’s all true. Fitz used his Secret Service agents as part of his plan to neutralize the situation so he could one day fulfill his vow to bring Olivia into the White House. Mellie may have won his battle, but Fitz is comforted by the fact that Olivia is in the clear. She’s free to get back to work helping her newest client: Jeannine Locke.

Cyrus is stunned to find Charlie in bed with James. It’s just business. See, James has been rendered unconscious so Charlie can abduct Cy at gunpoint without issue. The baby is also sleeping soundly in the next room thanks to a sweet ride on the infant swing. Cyrus is brought to a room where Rowan raises his security clearance. The topic of their discussion is a classified mission Fitz ran with Jake Ballard in Iran known as Operation Remington. Cyrus is allowed to flip through the formerly redacted file to learn what really happened on that mission. After a few moments of perusal, Cyrus looks up at Rowan with a horrorstruck look on his face. What the heck is in that file?!

Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2013

Guest Cast
Joe Morton: Rowan Pope

- description from ABC.com

Will Abby and David get back together on Scandal this season?

Here’s the scoop from TV Guide:

Things are definitely not over between Abby and David. “They’re slowly circling each other and sniffing each other to see who’s going to make the first move,” Darby Stanchfield tells us. “Someone may stick their toe in the water, but those two never seem to be on the same page.” In the meantime, expect to finally learn more about Abby’s backstory this season. “They’re going to handle it differently than I thought they were, but we get to it right away,” she adds. “It already is completely unpredictable and it’s not just one thing, it explodes into a bunch of other scandals.”

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